When using a free essay is not an option?

A free essay really has no value to use as is. There are a few reasons why a free essay would not be appropriate to pass off as your own work. It can be very tempting to think of all the writing time you would save just by taking a chance and handing in a free essay with your name on the top. That’s the last thing you should do, because it is plagiarism. You risk your entire academic future if you do that.

It’s better to know exactly what you can or can’t use a free essay for. And only consider high quality essays, because low quality won’t teach you or benefit you in any way whatsoever. Here are some things to think about before you place too much confidence in something that you obtained for free online, such as an essay:

  • It may consist of partly or fully plagiarized work.
  • It may have been used before by other students; your teacher may recognize it.
  • It can be difficult to trust the source or the author.
  • If it was high quality, why would it be free?
  • Are there other motives for the writing service to offer a free essay?

A free essay could be useful in another way, though. If you are able to obtain a free essay from a very reliable source, and you know what grade the essay earned, it could be very valuable to use as an example. An example essay could show you how to set up the format of your essay and give you some ideas of how to structure your essay. It could also show you how the writer caught the reader’s attention in the opening paragraph. When you find that the free essay is just not going to be useful in any way, it’s time to consider a custom essay. These pieces of literary work are written by expert authors and are original and authentic.

A custom essay is based solely on your specific writing assignment and written according to your explicit instructions in every detail. It’s as though it was written by you! A custom essay is not a cheap duplicate of other trash floating around on the internet. When a student’s academic standing requires their essay to get a good grade, they must choose the custom essay option for the best results.