Gun Control In America

Gun control in America is a hugely controversial subject. There are many people in the country who believe that there is no need for people to have access to firearms in the home. However, there are also many people who believe strongly that every person has a right to own a gun and be able to protect him or her self in a time of crisis. There are different regulations of gun control and one’s legal ability to carry a gun that are unique to each state through out America. Some of the most important issues to consider in regards to gun control include the idea of self preservation versus intimidation, one’s right to protect one’s self on his or her own property, and the concept of trusting ones local authorities to be able to protect versus taking matters in to one’s own hands. These are just a few of the most important elements that affect gun control in reach state.

As the nation handles the implications that arise following local tragedies, there is always the question of how the local government should handle gun control. If there is a tragedy that involves the shooting of an innocent person by another civilian, this spurs the argument of people challenging the government to revoke the publics’ right to firearms. However, there are many people who fight for the right to carry in the military every day. These people among others who feel very strongly that people should be able to carry firearms and protect themselves in a time of crisis or emergency. The nation has yet to seriously consider the revoking of the right to firearms; however, many wonder what the results of the argument will be in the event that it ever becomes a reality. Some people argue a mix of the two sides and claim that there should be heavier restrictions on one’s right to carry firearms. Instead of revoking the right completely, some believe that if the qualifications to get a firearm were stricter then this would lower the presence of gun related violence.

Ultimately most people are looking for the same thing, and that is safety. The controversy of the topic of gun control comes in when the definition of what it means to be safe is considered for each individual.