Ten Easy Persuasive Essay Topics to Consider

Persuasive essays are ones in which you try to persuade your reader to agree with your opinion on a given topic, to take action on a needed topic, or to come over to your point of view.

One good approach for coming up with persuasive essay topics is to try to think about global problems, say, that deserve our attention now before it is too late.

  • Consider the Environment
  • With all of our environmental problems today, this should not be difficult. All kinds of rare and beautiful animals are currently threatened with extinction – our coral reefs are threatened with extinction due to pollution an global warming – even polar bears may soon not exist because of the melting of the polar ice caps. That would be a horrible, horrible loss, I think you would agree.

  • Consider Issues Involving the Young
  • Today, young people live in a drastically different world than even most young adults did today. With the explosion of the internet on or about 1993, the world changed drastically – to say the least—especially in terms of education. But is the internet helping or hindering learning? Is social media distracting us from larger, more important issues? Also, there is the issue in America of childhood obesity? There is also the problem of cyber bullying—which has resulted in many teen suicides in the past decade alone.

    Just thinking on both of these wide categories can help you conceive of your basic purpose in a persuasive essay.

  • Here are Ten Easy Persuasive Essay Topics to Consider
    1. Let’s Not Lose Our Polar Animals: What Can We Do to Slow or End the Melting of the Polar Ice Caps?
    2. Can we Save Our Environment? Let’s at Least Try!
    3. Ten Things We Can Do Now to Slow Global Warming
    4. Cyber Bullying: How We Can Prepare Our Children for the Dangerous World of Social Media.
    5. Let’s Save Our Coral Reef Systems! What we Can do Now
    6. Why Smoking Must Be Banned Everywhere to Help Incite Everyone to Stop
    7. Electronic Cigarettes: Are they Curing or Exacerbating the Problem?
    8. Childhood Obesity: What Can We Do to Help Prevent Obesity in Teens?
    9. Type II Diabetes in Children: A New Epidemic
    10. Littering and Our Seas: You Wouldn’t Believe What is Under the Surface of Our Waters

All of these topics above would be wonderful ideas to explore and to persuade your readers to do something good for our world.