Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

Animal testing continues to be a hot subject matter, especially among animal lovers.  There are different reasons why animals are used for testing, but many feel they should not be used for such purposes no matter the reason.  Essays on this topic often compare strong opinions of people who support and are against the practice.  It’s interesting to read these essays and get different points of view on the subject.  For the most part, they continue to keep the controversy alive and well.

Well written essays on this topic are known to go into deep details that raise argument.  For instance, some countries claim that animals must be used to test certain products, such as drugs, before they can be available on the consumer market.  An essay of this nature requires the writer to present a clear position with solid evidence to support the claim.

The argumentative essay commonly works to answer questions such as:

  • Why do people use animals to conduct their testing?
  • Does using an animal really help when performing testing?
  • What negative impact (if any) do certain animal species experience?
  • What are alternatives or other ways testing can be done without using animals?

Statistical data is a key factor in various argumentative reports.  They are key points of evidence that help back up a statement or solution.  For example, 31 percent of animals used in testing may experience some form of physical pain if an anesthetic is needed.  In other cases, many people are alarmed or downright appalled to learn how many animals die or are manned annually. 

People who are against animal testing may say that it isn’t needed due to technology advancements.  Depending on the subject matter related to this statement, you would present an example or solution to give more clarity.  On the other hand, people who are for animal testing feel it may be best in certain situations to conduct trials on an animal.  Some may be okay with the idea if the animal experiences little or no discomfort.  Even though animal testing has led to significant scientific breakthroughs, this alone isn’t enough to convince individuals against the practice.

Many essays conclude that animal testing is either helpful or heartless or both.  The essay does touch on personal touchy subject matter and opinions, while exploring moral concepts that are considered right and wrong.  When creating your essay, try to keep emotions to a minimum.  Follow format structure given and make sure to proofread, edit and revise your content.