Graduate Research Paper Example - The Under-Representation of African American Women in Higher Education Administration

There is little information on the status of African American women in higher education administration in the United States. In the contrary, complete information is known of the general status of African-American in society in general. This suggests further exploration of the myths and history of African-American women in the higher education in America. Perhaps, one of the most common reasons of the under-representation of African American women in colleges and universities administrations in America is the prevalent feminine and racial discrimination who these women face. Nowadays, there still prevails the notion that most females do not possess the necessary leadership skills. Moreover, African Americans still face the perception of the public that they are nothing but of inferior race.

It does not matter how intellectual African Americans are, when it comes to being underrepresented in the higher education in the United States. The cultures surrounding the work place in the colleges and universities in the United States also contribute to under-representation of African-American women in the latter. Different cultural groups of people see African-American women as inferior based on their skin and how they perform their work due to their traditions and beliefs. Therefore, most often than not, cultural groups of people under represent African American women in American colleges and universities.

It is imperative that African American women be given a fair chance for equal employment opportunities in colleges and universities in America. Failure to do so may entail rallies and numerous complaints from African American women which the higher educational institutions must answer and shoulder.