How To Write An Argumentative Essay: 5 Basic Steps

In some ways argumentative essays are easy. Of course there is no such thing as easy writing but with an argumentative essay you choose a topic which has opposing points of view and then go to town on one of those points of view. There are five basic steps you need to take in order to create a winning argumentative essay.

  1. Get the choice of topic absolutely spot on.
  2. Imagine a person or group to whom you are writing the essay.
  3. Forget about editing until you have finished the first draft.
  4. With your editing make sure your argumentative essay flows.
  5. Boost your side and break down the other side.

You can make your life so much easier if you choose the right topic for your argumentative essay. It certainly needs to be a divisive topic. It certainly needs to have people equally passionate about opposing views under the same topic. If you choose a bland topic where there is little or no conflict, you make a rod for your own back.

It will help you focus your research and writing if you imagine a person to whom you are pitching your argument. Imagine a person or a group of people who have a similar lifestyle or set of beliefs and write your argumentative essay to persuade them of the validity of your point of view.

Do not think about correcting spelling and grammar and the flow of your writing or anything else until you have finished the first draft. If you've done sufficient research and created a solid outline a plan, you write the first draft as quickly as you can without any reference to editing.

All essays need to flow but particularly so in an argumentative essay. Right from the beginning you have told the reader your belief or point of view on the issue. Sentence after sentence builds your case. Each sentence must flow into the next and each paragraph must build upon the one before it.

There are two sides in an argument and there are two points of view in an argumentative essay. To get a really high mark, write well about your point of view and write just as well in denigrating the opposing point of view. The reader will be impressed if you support your argument with strong evidence. They will be doubly impressed if you dismantle the opposite point of view with just as strong an argument.