Setting of the Yellow Wallpaper


The setting of the yellow wallpaper is great. It is set in a town where a husband and wife come to live. They live together. One of them is a physician. One of them is also ill; however, the physician husband does not consider so. They are also superstitious. They do believe in each other. However, their love is more than just the relationship.

Setting of the Yellow Wallpaper

There is a glimpse of the family in the house. They are only two and do not want anyone else in the house. They have their own stories to tell. The whole story revolves around these two bodies. They comment about each other and try to learn more about one another through dialogue. The setting is in their house.

They also transform their school. It is totally classical and set in the semi-urban household in America. It has become an essential part of the classic American literature. It is all made in the ancestral hall. The place was empty for several years before they moved in. They are intimate in such a situation. This location brings them closer and they appreciate each other more closely.

They appreciate each other and come to terms with each other in the old household. Perhaps, this house was bequeathed to them by their dead parents. They also mollycoddle each other and enjoy their love for each other. The woman was not feeling well. Still, the husband thought that the woman was fine. Other members in their kin are also physicians. They come to know each other even better in this condition. Then, they start to appreciate the place and the place has old yellow wallpaper. Subsequently, they start to explain the home which is the setting. The paint is also pale and yellow wallpaper goes well with it.


It is clear that the story is set in a semi-urban household where a couple comes together. The purpose is to exaggerate their thinking and philosophy for each other. When they are intimate in the old house, they start to think and talk more about each other. The story ends in the same setting it was laid onto. The only household remains and they keep exploring each other out. The setting is superb. The two have been brought together in the home which was granted by their parents to them. This way they are able to appreciate themselves the best.