A List Of Ideas For Perfect Senior Research Paper Topics

Writing your senior research paper is supposed to be such a fun-filled idea, taking into consideration the fact that you are finally in a position to write some of the best papers of your life. Your senior research paper needs to show some level of maturity because it is an indication of the fact that you have already advanced and are in a stage where everything is going according to plan. The paper needs to be specific, you need to show your tutor that you are not only able to present a good paper, but you are also able to tactfully challenge the audience, present a case before them and support it with evidence that will make them give you a standing ovation. This is what it means to write a senior research paper, because you are that good.

You are free to choose whichever topic that you want depending on the subject that you are writing on, or the unit that you are taking for which you are required to write the research paper. Irrespective of the choice you make, remember that these papers have to be supported by substantial evidence, so you have to conduct a good amount of research into the same. The following are some research paper topics that you can consider in the event that you are struggling with finding ideas to get you on track:

Wage Gap

Here you can discuss the parity in wages between the highest earners and the lowest earners, and focus on the differences and struggles that they all have to deal with in the course of life. Think about issues such as taxes, especially VAT wherein all individuals are liable, and discuss whether there is a fair system in place, or if the system in place (the government) is doing anything to better the situation or only making it worse.

Environmental challenges

There is talk all over the place about the environment and how we should strive to make it a better place. Individuals are normally challenged to make the world a better place than they found it, and this is one of the most challenging things that we have to deal with. Are we doing enough? Are the governments doing enough? Are the world bodies like the UN doing enough in their capacity to make the world a better place?