Why The Mentally Ill Are Not Just “mad” in Their Thinking

Creativity and psychosis can affect a person that has an mental illness, but did you know it may not mean they are “mad”? Did you know that creativity and psychosis may go hand in hand? A person who has mental illness can be highly intelligent and in their thinking. This is why people who are creative and have psychosis may not be “mad” or dumb as some people think. People who have mental problems may not be stimulated (using sight, sound, and touch) in the same way as people who have no mental illnesses. However, it may not mean a person who is mentally ill isn’t creative.

Did you know that a person who has a mental illness may use more of the right cortex of their brain? However, they also may have a mental illness and be also is able to use both sides of their brain access information. But, how does this tie creativity and psychosis together? Did you know that a person who has a mental illness may have a higher IQ, however, they may have trouble processing information. They may not be able to retrieve the information once they do access information This is why creativity and psychosis really may be the key to understanding why people with mental illnesses tend to offer “think out of the box” solutions to problems.

Linking Creativity and Psychosis Together

Why are people who have mental illness creative, even with psychosis? Did you know that people with mental illness may be creative and have exhibit signs of psychosis because they process thoughts much faster than the average person? The speeding up of thoughts may be one reason why people misunderstand the mentally ill’s person’s creativity and psychosis. People who do not have a mental illness may not understand how the mentally ill perceive solutions visually, auditable, and in other ways.

In conclusion, a person who is mentally ill can be creative and still smart in their own right, without processing thoughts in the same way as a normal person who have no mental problems. This is why a person who is creative and mentally ill is not simply mad. Creativity and psychosis can go hand in hand and prove a that is a person who mentally ill is not dumb because they have a different thought process and may not have heightened senses to help them form solutions.