20 Compelling Term Paper Topics In Criminal Justice

Nowadays, an interest in criminal justice has increased significantly among students. As long as it correlates with a wide range of other sciences, anyone may find something to their liking. View a list of topics below to come up with an interesting idea for your term paper.

  1. Cybercrimes:
  2. Is it possible to protect yourself from cybercrimes? Are there effective ways to reinforce security in cyberspace? How dangerous is cyberterrorism?

  3. Drugs:
  4. Should drug addicts be punished or cured? Why do drug addicts commit crimes?

  5. Hate crimes:
  6. What should be done to reduce the rate of hate crimes? How does the U.S. protect people from hate crimes?

  7. Domestic violence:
  8. How can domestic violence be prevented? Is there domestic violence in same-sex families? Can men be victims of domestic violence?

  9. Criminal justice development:
  10. What is the history of criminal justice? What are the achievements of comparative criminal justice? What are the social aspects of crime?

  11. Suicides:
  12. Which gender is more predisposed to suicide?

  13. Criminal behavior:
  14. Can weather affect the crime rate? Can criminal behavior be heritable? Can a person be a latent criminal? Are there any ways to recognize a stalker?

  15. Homicide:
  16. Should punishments be more serious for mothers who kill their children? Can a capital punishment be righteous?

  17. Age and crime:
  18. How should teen drunk drivers be punished? What is the correlation between age and crime?

  19. Psychological disorders and crimes:
  20. Can someone’s criminal propensity be a type of mental disorder? How should mentally ill offenders be treated?

  21. Victimology:
  22. Is it possible to deal with a psychological trauma single-handed?

  23. Career in criminal justice:
  24. How do policemen manage stress? How does the job of a police officer influence the character of an individual?

  25. Criminal thoughts:
  26. Do criminal thoughts lead to a crime? How does a criminal think?

  27. Crime scenes:
  28. What are the main principles of crime scene investigation? What analyses should be conducted?

  29. Serial killers:
  30. Why do they kill other people? Can such people be cured?

  31. Justice and law:
  32. Is justice blind? Are laws based on moral principles?

  33. Crime prevention:
  34. Does an effective crime prevention mechanism exist? Is there crime control in America?

  35. Criminals and prisons:
  36. How can we solve the problem of prison overcrowding? Why aren’t prisons effective?

  37. Sex crimes:
  38. Should incest relate to sex crimes? What are the reasons of rape?

  39. Organized crimes:
  40. What are the strategies of controlling organized crimes? What is the origin of organized crimes?