High School Thesis Sample on Syria Crisis

The Syria crisis has dominated international news headlines for the better part of the current week and has been an ongoing debate in international political circles for quite some time. Syria is a West Asian country, a region in which the Muslim populace predominates. The oil rich region has been the focus of interest of prosperous countries in the West, which is directly affected by the happenings in the region. The recent Iraq War, regime change in Egypt and Libya are evidence of the turmoil the region has witnessed in recent times. The role played by economic powers of the world in affecting these changes has not escaped the attention of political commentators. The West is now interested in bringing about a similar change in Syria, so that it can streamline its business operations for a continuous supply of oil, a major natural resource essential to keep other industries running. The best option available to the Western countries is to exploit the ethnic divide in the region and fuel dissent, enabling them to install puppet regimes which dance to their tunes. Countries in the region are tailor made for such adventures as they have been ruled by dictatorial regimes in the past. Displacement and execution of former dictators Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi are the stark evidence of this phenomenon. The consistent political attack on the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is another adventure in this direction. The rebels within the country are being regularly supplied small arms in order to assist them to dethrone Assad, a likely scenario taking into account the success achieved in neighboring countries.

In an address to the nation, President Assad has appealed to the nation about the reality of the phenomenon by labeling the rebels as ‘puppets of the West’. He has tried to awaken national loyalty among his people and persuaded them to settle any differences through peaceful negotiations across the table. The United States has been quick in its retort and has dismissed Assad’s contention as an attempt to cling to power amidst rising dissent within the country. The Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition party within the country has rejected Assad’s proposal. Spokespersons from the United States of America as well as European Union have advised Assad to step down and allow the general masses to establish a popular regime. It remains to be seen what happens in Syria in the ensuing months.