Why are Service Dogs Important to the Military

In order to provide physical, occupational, or emotional therapy to wounded soldiers, military service dogs are trained and used for military personnel. Service dogs serve the soldiers in military installations and are included in military and VA medical centers. Service dogs provide a service that is invaluable to the military and is not comparable to other types of therapy that is used in the military, which makes them extremely important to the military. There are many different kinds of service dogs that are used and specialize in vastly different areas of therapies. Here is a closer look at some of the most important duties of service dogs in the military.

One type of dogs that are commonly used as service dogs in the military are the Combat Stress Control dogs. Combat Stress Control dogs are some of the most popular types of service dogs that are used for military use. They have a main duty of offering emotional support to the servicemen in the military who are suffering from combat stress or other issues that cause emotional stress. In addition, Combat Stress Control dogs help with sleep disorders as well. The main reason that many theorize that Combat Stress Control dogs help is that they provide a non-judgmental presence for military personnel. This may have an overall effect on how the military personnel feels because there is an unbiased emotional support available. It is found that when Combat Stress Control dogs are supplying support to the military personnel, they are more open to talking about difficult issues with considerably more ease, and they also tend to talk longer as well. In addition to Combat Stress Control dogs, there are Physical and Occupational Therapy dogs as well. These types of dogs are just as vital as Combat Stress Control dogs, though their duties slightly differ. Physical and Occupational Therapy dogs provide assistance to soldiers in rehabilitation centers and are trained to help soldiers on a physical level. For example, if a soldier falls, a Physical and Occupational Therapy dog is trained to help out, and they are also trained for fetching items for military personnel as well.

Overall, these types of service dogs help with mental health professionals in order to facilitate recovery from mental or social issues ,which may include post-traumatic stress disorder. All of the service dogs that are in the military provide an excellent and important service to the soldiers. It is extremely important to have these types of service dogs around in the military in order to have a higher success rate among a soldier’s recovery. In addition, these dogs serve different purposes, which means that their role could be varied though their presence is always helpful.