Privatization of Air Traffic Control in the United States

Of late people have expressed interest in making all the air traffic control in the United States be run from one point, that is to mean privatized. Air transportation being one the critical sectors of economy should be handled with utmost care. Those endorsed with the duty should be working on an environment where they are from intimidation and manipulation from those in authorities.

Following examples from countries that have tried this before, the travellers are always guaranteed of their safety. Countries like Canada and Britain have used it. The Canadian government sold the Nav Canada, a body that was responsible for the air traffic control, and since then a private non-profit corporation has been in control to date. Britain on the other hand started full privatization in 2000 even though the decision was reached at in 1992 to separate air traffic control from operations.

At the moment the air traffic control lies in the hands of FAA. It’s believed that when privatization is done just like it has been done in Britain and Canada, it would help in protecting the country’s air traffic control from the budget disputes by the congress. Privatization would also help in improving efficiency of transport without interfering with safety of the travellers.

Privatization on the hand would ensure that satellites will be used for communications as opposed to radar which have always been used. The use of satellites in communication has several safety benefits. Some of them include; improvement in fuel saving and reduction in congestion of travellers. With the current system, it has been difficult to achieve such benefits.

There are certain agencies which have always supported privatization in air traffic control for more than 20 years. As a result they have installed control towers that use privately owned operators at small airports. Airports being owned by FAA depend on funding from the same FAA. This has interfered with their operations fully because of lack of enough funds. Travellers can only be assured of their safety and timely arrival when there is full separation.

Privatization have been tried but failed. This was because of political concerns which included union opinions and slow moving bureaucracy. This happened during the Bush and Clinton’s administration. Critics of privatization claim that safety would be compromised at some point. But upon a thorough insight into it, it’s found that there exist several factors like increase in air traffic which has effect on safety incidents.

Going by what has happened in Britain and Canada it’s therefore clear that privatization works. Most travellers would therefore want to pass through those countries since they are assured of their safety. This system would therefore also promote air travel by having a positive impact and help in moving toward a better tomorrow.