Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is among the commonly used illegal drugs in the world with USA leading in the usage of the drug. According to the national survey on drug use and health the usage of marijuana in the world has increased by 6.7% for the last 3 months in U.S.A. Despite its harmful effect on the body and contribution in the world economy, cannabis legalization has attracted variant views from different peoples and organization. The legalization of this product will face intense challenge from different people as well as support. This situation has dragged the process of legalizing of the drug thus complicating the situation.

For the past 40 years, the legalization of marijuana has been in debate over and over in different parts of the world, both nationally and individually. Those who support the policy that would legalize marijuana claim that it is a health substance, and sanctions against its users and possessors portray world ignorance to human rights and freedom to oneself. From this point of view writers of The Lancet came into a conclusion that marijuana is dangerous to the society but can drive it further undergrounds over time. The advocators for its legalization also point out that mortality, morbidity and economical expenditure of tobacco and alcohol in the world over rules those of cannabis use.

Those who oppose the liberalization of marijuana claim that it is not a benign drug, more so in the light of psychopharmacologic information showing that it shares many features with illicit drugs. They claim that the legalization of cannabis or the person using this drug can trigger its usage increase thus foreseeable increase in social health and economic costs. Medical debate of marijuana claims that marijuana usage can treat a variety of diseases. Thus making eight states pass initiatives that promote usage of marijuana in medical treatment. Legalization of marijuana would increase its usage in the society, and the harm it causes to individual thus burden to criminal justice system. As evidenced in the alcohol increased rate in the world, the legalization of marijuana would boost rampant crime increase thus calling for more arrest.

In conclusion, the legalization of marijuana will do little in the progress of the society and retardation of economic growth. It accounts only a portion of proceeds gains by gangs that benefit from the distribution of the drug. Its legalization can reduce the population view of the risks accompanied by the drug.