Orwell’s 1984 Is It Coming Real?

In 1949, George Orwell published the novel 1984. The dystopian novel told of a time when Big Brother knew and controlled the every move of all citizens. The future was described as a regimented, high technology, and oppressive time strictly regimented by the government. The main character, Winston Smith, had the job of rewriting news to the whims of the government. Secret spying and surveillance of the people was how the government controlled the citizens. The story takes place in Oceania, one of the four major super regions. The regions are always at war. It is interesting to note that many of the devices mentioned in the novel now seem to exist and many of the actions of the government also exist.

One of the actions in the novel, surveillance, is very prevalent in today’s society. Cameras are everywhere even in Outer Space. Most major nations have spy satellites hovering over the universe to monitor activity. Google Earth can zoom into a photograph of where you actually live. Department stores, buildings, and even traffic lights have cameras on them. John Snowden is a perfect example of spying when he exposed to the world what the NSA was doing. Surveillance surrounds our modern world much like it did in 1984.

Our government knows all about us. We complete a census and they have all our pertinent numbers. They know where we work and where and when we travel. If we withdraw large amounts of money, the government knows. They can even tell if we check in on Facebook when we go out to dinner. The government can collect data from our phone-to-phone and discover whom we talk to and when we called. Hackers can even steal our identity and clean out our bank accounts. Our background records even down to speeding tickets are online for every one to see. All of these actions are mentioned in the novel 1984.

As country after country goes to war or backs a country at war, it is easy to see how those wars reflect the endless wars in the novel. And the fact that the sides are always changing as far as allies also exists in the novel.

Our modern world very much reflects components from the George Orwell novel 1984. Just look around you and you will see how our life, technology, surveillance, and government mirror Winston Smith’s life.