Narrowing down the topic of an essay

When it comes to picking an essay topic, sometimes it can a struggle to think of even one essay topic, however, at times, it can be case where you are inundated with topic titles and you simply do not know which one to choose. Depending on which situation you are in, you may be considering how it is that you can narrow down a topic title for your essay.

Have lots of potential essay topics to begin with

If you are struggling to think of an essay title, then perhaps you are trying to be too specific with yourself. Ultimately, just sit down and try to brainstorm any potential ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you end up using them or not, the idea is just to get as many ideas down as possible. Once you have a few ideas, it is possible that the thought process begins to snowball and you end up with plenty of topics to choose from. Obviously, in a situation where you have loads of topics already, then make sure you note them all down, as this will make it easier to pick a final topic in the end.

Put together a shortlist

Once you have your list of topic ideas you will need to make a shortlist. It is quite likely that there will be topic ideas that you put down whilst brainstorming that you can discard immediately, with others you may be in two minds about. Hopefully, you should have at least five or six that you are fairly confident about writing about and these can go together in forming the shortlist that you will eventually choose a topic from.

Briefly research each potential topic to see which will be ideal for writing about

Once you have a shortlist put together, it can be worth doing just a small amount of research on each topic to understand how easy will be to write about. It may be that a topic seems like it’s the perfect option to take; however, with just a little bit of extra work to find that how relevant that topic is, you may discover that actually it is not as perfect as it may once have seemed. Equally, there may be topics that you were less inclined to choose, which you soon discover are actually going to be a lot easier to write a good essay about than the others. Ultimately, use this research and any feelings that you may have in order to narrow down the shortlist into your final essay topic.