Never Use Example Research Papers

There’s no denying it: a growing number of students are relying on custom research papers to fulfill their own grade requirements. In an increasing number of cases, university students are hiring remote, freelance writers, sending those writers their assignment rubrics, and paying top dollar for “example” papers that the students then submit as there own for class credit.

As this practice becomes more and more popular, the temptation to participate looms ever larger. However, there are a multitude of reseasons you should not use example research papers to boost your grade. Here are just a few of the many reasons to avoid this practice.

  1. The Essay May Be Reused
  2. You may think you’re paying for a customized example essay that the writer produced specifically to meet your needs, but it’s impossible to know whether this truly is the case until it’s too late. Many essay writers re-sell papers they have drafted for previous clients, and sometimes do so without editing the work at all. This means the essay you receive may not be adequate for your class assignment, and it may be flagged by anti-plagiarism software.

  3. The Essay May Be Plagiarized
  4. Custom essays are sometimes reused by the original writer, and sometimes they are edited and re-sold by different writers entirely. If you hire a freelancer to draft you an example research paper, you have no guarantee that the writer is not simply copying and pasting information from a variety of public sources, combining the work into a single “Frankenstein essay”, and selling the shoddy product back to you. Sometimes, freelancers use software to put together example papers and spend no time editing the document or reading it themselves whatsoever. The resulting paper can be a garbled, ungrammatical mess.

  5. You May Face Academic Consequences
  6. If you purchase an essay that has either been used previously or that is based on pre-existing works, your assignment will be flagged when it is run through anti-plagiarism programs. Since many universities do require that all papers be checked for plagiarism, you run a very high risk of being discovered if you purchase a low quality, plagiarized essay. In most instances, plagiarism is stiffly punished at the university level, usually with a failing grade at the very least. In many instances, repeat offenders are placed on academic suspension or full expulsion. Buying an example paper online is simply not worth this risk.

Before you contemplate buying an example research paper, consider these potential limitations. It may seem like the easy, fast solution to an academic problem, but it can result in a failing grade or academic disciplinary action. Instead, consider using your school’s writing center or hiring a tutor to help you draft your own work.