Discrimination of Cuban Americans

Various studies have documented the broad patterns of discrimination faced by white Cubans. This paper will briefly look at how the Cuban Americans have grown to form a unique group within the Hispanic community and further explores how they differ from the other people originating from other parts of America. This various studies have contributed to various factors such as the conservatism nature, the higher education rates they possess, wealth, and social statues. We will give most focus on how they have always faced discrimination compared to their other counterparts from these regions especially because of their racial backgrounds, language, and national origin.

The most prevalent form of discrimination against Cuban-Americans has been their economic situation. While it at first seemed like though Cuban-Americans have good salaries and employment with various studies placing the income of fifty five percent of the US born Cuban Americans to be over 30k compares to that of forty four percent of the Anglos. This is a proof that Cuban-Americans still earn less than the Anglos population with most studies postulating that 13, 000 per capita while the Hispanics earning around 11, 000. The various reports on Cubans consider them to be generally well of and motivated which can be confirmed to be simply a perception of their earnings and does not reflect their lack thereof or poverty hence forming the first example of discrimination that is similar to the anti-semantic belief of the healthiness of the Jewish people.

Racial discrimination has also been on the rise towards the Cuban exiles to the United States where Afro-Cubans have been perceived as voiceless within the whites and elitist Diaspora. This can be attributed to influx of Cubans to the United States, which placed the African Americans into direct competition for the various social amenities like housing, social services and financing.

There has been repeated charging of the Cuban Diaspora in the united states with political opacity and discrimination towards its members. The Diasporas due to the inflexibility of the community with respect to racial acceptance and matters to do with economic mobility, many controversies have been generated in both the media and literature on the same especially due to the socio political relations between the two countries.