Brainstorming Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School

Coming up with an interesting compare and contrast essay idea that is appropriate for middle schoolers requires a bit of brainstorming. This is because you want to figure out an interesting idea that will be suitable to discuss and investigate for students who aren’t yet that mature. For this reason there are certain topics that should be off limits. Instead, of writing about explicit or controversial subject matter it is a good idea to have students write about ideas that apply to their age group. By having students write their compare and contrast papers on ideas that they can understand and relate to you can improve their critical thinking skills while also keeping things interesting and engaging in class.

How To Come Up With Good Compare and Contrast Topics For Middle School Writers

If you really want to help students understand how to write compare and contrast papers you should have them write on things that they understand and deal with every day. Conversational topics like “How boys are treated differently than girls in sports” for example make good paper concepts because these are things that middle school kids have first hand experience with. Another example may be a subject like “Compare and contrast how math and English assignments are graded.”

Papers like this encourage middle school kids to write about ideas that apply to them and begin to understand how compare and contrast writing is done correctly.

Why Compare and Contrast Essays Are Great Learning Tools

The main point of writing a compare and contrast paper is to consider two ideas in relation to each other and notice the distinct differences and similarities. This is good for students of any age to practice because it will help them become better critical thinkers as well as writers. Once they have mastered the art of making comparison connections between separate concepts they will be better able to explain different ideas. This is the reason why students in middle school are often asked to write compare and contrast papers to begin with, because it encourages them to consider the relationship between two ideas.

If you still need assistance coming up with interesting compare and contrast essay topics for middle school students, it may be helpful to read some examples that have been written by professional writers.