How to Write a Good Essay on Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States.  Writing an essay about him, as with any significant person of history, requires an intricate knowledge of their life and work.  The main purpose of writing an essay of this type is to determine the significance of that person and the contributions or influences they made. 

Any good paper written on about an individual should start with some basic information. 

This will give the reader a background understanding of the person you are writing about.

  • When and where was this person born?
  • Who were their family?
  • Did they have any siblings?  Parents? 
  • Where did they grow up?
  • Were there any childhood experiences that influenced paths taken later in his life? 

Include the historical context of the time period the person lived in. 

  • This is information regarding events going on within the world surrounding the subject.
  • This information must be relevant, not menial details. 
  • It would include any wars, political unrest, social or other movements, and other significant things going on for that era, that would have had an impact on the subjects life. 

Why is Andrew Jackson important?

  • Who was he?
  • What were the events that led up to him becoming an American president? 
  • What contributions did he make towards the countries welfare during his term? 
  • Was he a good president or not? 
  • What information can you provide to support your opinion? 


  • The concluding sentences of the essay should concern your final opinions of Andrew Jackson as a president, and as a person in regards to his actions. 
  • Refer back to your thesis statement and why your research of him was important.
  • The conclusion should also transition smoothly from the body of your essay. 
  • You want the reader to be aware that your paper is coming to a close, not feel as though you were starting on another category for the body of your paper. 

Finally, reread and revise your essay. 

  • Make sure you have included all the key facts of his life. 
  • You are writing an essay about an American president, so concentrate your facts on his life leading up to and during his presidency. 
  • Cite your work accordingly to give proper credit to your sources and avoid plagiarism issues.