The Application of Technology Towards Future Careers

Given the current trends in technology, it is reasonable to assume drastic changes will occur in decades ahead. The major sectors in organizations to be affected include human resource, accounting and finance, customer services and production sectors. In the tradition setting work was manual performed in a fixed location. In the contemporary and future work setting, all sectors will be automated and performed by virtual assistants. Virtual performance of tasks will be possible where people perform all work related duties from their remote residential locations. Information technology will be an essential element of work will be electronically managed and performed. Application of technology in future careers will involve substantial integration of machines at work and global mobility of labor.

Automation has enabled flexibility of work beyond the office walls. People are able to perform office duties while working from remote locations away from actual business location. Advancement of this in the future will provide an opportunity for organizations to outsource virtual workforce from all locations in the world. Future technology will enhance communication and ease in the transfer of labor and entrepreneur skills. It is a growing trend among the developed countries to outsource cheap labor like customer services from developing countries. Careers will be diversified as people will not be limited, by space and environment to start a job opportunity.

Most careers in future markets will be in the information technology industry. Machine will be created to perform duties of production and processing while people oversee the activities. Automation of tasks and integration of robots in the work force will increase over the next few years. Robots are more efficient that human labor since they do not tire nor are they prone to mistakes. People will be substituted for machines causing a global crisis. Many people will lose jobs, and it may lead to a global crisis where human resources will be of little value.

Increased application of technology in careers has being observed in the modern world compared to the past decades. The application has included changes in labor mobility and automation of most duties. Most of the duties done today by 1,000,000 people may be achieved by an average of 1000 people in the future. This will result in a labor surplus economy without any available jobs. This may cause an imbalance in demand and supply market forces.