Anti-Christian Sentiment In Popular Culture

The United States was built on the principles of Christianity and Christianity continues to play a vital role in the politics of America. But, at the same time American’s No. 1 religion Christianity is being attacked in many ways. The USA has always been the great “melting pot” where individuals from different parts of the world were welcome to come and get a piece of the “American Pie”. During the 20th Century, many immigrants would come through Ellis Island to live the American Dream.

Here are few reasons why Immigrants would come to America from other countries:

  • Escape religious persecution.
  • Escape famine and war.
  • To live the American Dream.
  • To create a better life for themselves and their family.

The number one reason many immigrants started to come to America was to escape religious persecution and have the ability to practice their religious beliefs freely. The first settlers in the Americas were from England and their primary religion was Christianity. The United States was created on the moral and principles of Christianity.

Here are a few places where you will find the principles of Christianity prevalent in America:

  • Politics-US Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance, US Currency, Congress, and Presidency.
  • Schools-Catholic Schools, Prayer in School, and Christian Holidays being celebrated.
  • Everyday Life- Christianity is the primary religion of many Americans and there is a church on every street corner in America.

But, in recent years, many individuals have been trying to attack the foundation of Christianity in America. There have been cases argued in the US Supreme Court where it was ruled that prayer could no longer be conducted in schools. Also, many work places have made it difficult for their Christian employees to practice their religious beliefs at work. But, the ironic point to not allowing Christians to practice their religious beliefs in the workplace, is that other religious groups like Muslims are allowed to practice their religious beliefs at work. It seems the American government is willing to bend the rules when it comes to the religious beliefs of others, but make it difficult for Christians to practice their beliefs.

America needs to go back to its original practices of allowing everyone to have religious freedom to believe in what they want to believe in. Also, America needs to maintain the Christian morals and values that this country was founded on. Like many Muslim countries, America needs to put the world on notice and anyone who wants to come here and live that America is a Christian nation. America needs to let the world and its citizens know we are a Christian Nation and we will allow you to practice your religious beliefs freely. But, at the end of the day America is built on Christian values and beliefs, and we will not change that for anyone.