Affirmative Action Research Papers Writing Guide

Writing about any topic can be difficult, but writing about a controversial topic means that you will have to sort through information which is factual in addition to the opinions and ideas of others. Do not let other people’s opinions influence your own if you are writing about a topic like affirmative action. This topic has a lot of ways that people have spun it around.

If you are determined to write a factual research paper and develop your own opinions on affirmative action, then you must be careful about what you are reading and what you are taking seriously.

  • Make your hypothesis
  • Look up the facts
  • Analyze the ideas of others
  • Make your own conclusions

Remember to do these four things when you are writing your paper. The most important part of writing this research paper will be crafting your argument to support your hypothesis.

Finding the Facts:

You will need to go to reputable sources for your information. Stay away from online sites which can be edited by the general public. This would include information which you find on online communities or social networks.

Of course, this information can be used in its own way to show examples of the discourse on the topic or to support your hypothesis, but it should never be taken as cold hard fact unless it has been proven.

Writing a research paper is all about focus, you will need to know exactly what you are looking for when you do your research and then, when you write your paper, you will need to think about your hypothesis and the conclusions which you have made. Your readers will appreciate a focused and well organized paper.

It can be especially difficult to write about controversial topics which are still relevant in our culture today. Everyone is worried about their futures and getting into college plays a major role in the futures of many. Affirmative action is something that it hotly debated in many ways.

It may benefit you to focus on a particular political scenario which has already panned out in the past. Has there been a particular debate which you would like to write your paper about? Has affirmative action caused any lawsuits which are on public record? These are just a couple of questions which might get some ideas turning around in your head. You will need to narrow your topic so that you know what type of research to do.