Sıgnıfıcance of dıscoverıes ın Genetıcs and DNA

DNA and Gene discoveries plays a vital role in our lives . With DNA we can tell exactly who we are as individuals . This information can be used for criminal cases, and to do tests in identifying a person once dead if they are not identifiable. No one's DNA is the same, we are all different.

As for the Genetics side , it is important for medical analysts to determine at an earlier stage whether a disease can be genetically passed on from the one generation to the next. In that way they can alter the genetic imprint or advise the patient to live a healthier life in order to avoid or minimize the chances of being a carrier.

The importance for DNA and Genetic research is to understand ourselves better in the medical field, create medicine for deadly diseases as well as to find a cure for some. In the justice field it plays an important role to make sure that people are not innocently convicted for crimes they did not commit. It is important for the existence of the human race and to understand why some people differ in their personalities in such an astonishing way. It is also important to find a reason why some people can undergo changes in their DNA.

If people do undergo changes in their DNA sequence of a gene it is called a mutation. A mutation can either be good or a bad thing.

It's good when you can benefit as an individual . It is bad in a way when it leaves the person or individual at a disadvantage ın beıng a survıvor.

DNA and genes are important, if the best genes are dominant and carried on it will lead to a natural selection of only the strongest or better suited , ıt's survıval of the fıttest.

DNA is interesting and yet unexplainable ,just lıke hazel eyes, is it DNA or genes of generations that has passed or a mutation of its own. The H1N1 virus also caused a lot of people to die. No one can explain how or where it came from but we were helpless when the virus were air born. And yet again DNA and genes played a vital role , because medicine was needed and there for the human DNA and genetic research needs to be updated on a regular basis.